Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 0 - What is going on here?


I love building websites. I love putting something together and standing back to look at the results. While I do web development as my day job, I really wanted a project to call my own and that would be both challenging and interesting. That is why I am challenging myself to develop one website in one week for the next 52 weeks or more. I've seen only a couple of others attempt this. One only has the first week finished.  Another, David W Clary, looks to have been highly successful, having completed 10 weeks before become too busy developing sites for others. No regrets as long as I work my best.


  • Create a website, app, blog, etc. each week so it is available by Monday morning.
  • I'm a developer, not a designer so function over form but I should try to improve my art skills.
  • Learn new technologies, have fun.
  • Try to get some of those ideas in my head out into the wild to make room for more ideas.


As a reader you can help and participate in multiple ways:
  • Check out each site Monday morning and leave comments and feedback.
  • Sharing sites or this challenge with your friends.
  • Writing me nasty letters if the site isn't up.
  • Coming up with ideas of sites, nothing you wouldn't want your grandma to see.
If you have an idea for a site I will post when I need suggestions.  If you have a particular site that you need for yourself or company, contact me at anytime and we can work out a deal for me to build it and feature it on OneWeekOneWebsite.