Monday, July 8, 2013

[Ideas Needed] Building a simple content website for a non-profit business or person!

It can be pretty hard to come by the funds to build a website, especially if you are an organization or individual trying harder to help others than help their profits.  That's why as a portfolio building exercise I'm looking to help out one such cause.


I am taking applications from individuals and organizations looking for me to build them a website.  No businesses, business professionals or those looking for a personal site, this must be geared toward providing information for your cause and organization.  Environmental groups, community groups, religious groups or individuals are great.  Scouting groups or scouts working on their merit badges/ Eagle are excellent (I'm an Eagle scout myself).  Basically, you have to need the site to help out, not to be cheap and make money.  I will choose one website to be built (but I might choose more in the future).


I will build a 3-5 page informational website and host it for a year in my content management system..  I won't provide a domain name other than (but if you have one I will set it up to direct to the website).  Nothing too fancy, nothing interactive, just a website to get people interesting in you and to tell them how to help and get in contact with you.


Week 5 or 6 or later.  Turnaround isn't guaranteed but it shouldn't be too long since I'm trying to build one website each week it shouldn't be two long.


Send me a message on Google+ or an email to business @ and include some information about yourself and why I should build you a website.  Also, have an idea of the content you will want to put on the site (different pages, etc). If you have a design in mind, draw it up or you can pick one from and let me know.