Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 13 - Peg Puzzle

When I was a kid we had a fairly good sized collection of board games. They ranged from Power Rangers to pizza. We also had a game with 100 games, magnetic travel games, and a collection of wooden peg puzzles and games. The latter is the theme of this week's project - Matt's Pegs.

This week we use HTML5's <canvas> element to draw our peg board and accept input. Right now the page only has one game but since most of the effort was setting up the framework, I'll be adding more games as a different project. I think this would also be nice to port to Android. The page currently looks great on any screen, even my phone, but looks best in landscape mode.

The "Line Jump" puzzle is actually from an old 16-bit Windows game but I could imagine it easily being a wooden peg puzzle like you find in Cracker Barrel. Rules are simple, get the pegs to opposite sides. The pegs can move to an empty spot of jump over 1 peg at a time. Pegs can't move backwards. I hope you have fun!

Matt's Pegs - Peg Puzzles!