Sunday, March 2, 2014

Month 1 - Chrome Now - Beautiful Cards for your desktop

I am pleased to announce the release of Month 1's project - Chrome Now. This is a new tab replacement for Chrome which displays Google Now like cards.

As far as I can tell this project is unique. This extension is extendable by other extensions by using cross-extension messaging. So other developers can create their own cards can have them show up on the user's new tab page. A sample project is available on github and the cross-messaging portion is open source so others can learn from it.

Even though Google is now working on Google Now for Chrome I am very proud of this extension. I feel that switching from a week to a month for each project has produced a higher quality result. Stay tuned for more projects!

Chrome Now - Base extension
Chrome Now - Chrome Package - Extension extension
GitHub - Make your own cards
Chrome Now Homepage - Learn  more