Friday, May 16, 2014

Month 3 - DriveXCountry Beta

When I was a kid, we would either drive from Arizona to upstate New York or Florida each summer. Some summers we would do a tour of the National Parks. The drive itself was rather boring but my sister and I had different things to keep us entertained, from cds to magnetic board games and video games. Now that I'm older I appreciate the different stops my mother found to keeps us interested. She even made it a goal to look up different Muffler Men to find along our route. The earliest memories involved using a map and later methods involved Rand McNally's Trip Maker software and rudimentary Internet searching (1997).

Unfortunately there aren't many good tools online to plan a road trip. I mean really plan it with hotels, food and attractions along your route. Google Maps is great for getting from A to B so why don't we build on top of that? That is where DriveXCountry come from.

Last month's project was a private alpha version and this month is the first beta release. I've been working on this project on and off for the past three years but this month I really got to sit down and put all my ideas into code.

The site is written entirely in Javascript except using ASP.NET MVC for user accounts and saving. I've gotten to learn new technologies like KnockoutJS and Google Maps API. So go check it out.

DriveXCountry - Road Trip Planning